Shristi Fertility Centre is a KLE innovation and was inaugurated in the year 2008. Shristi Fertility Center of KLE Ayurveda Hospital is well equipped and serving the society with good number of patients.



To develop centre for research in Vajikarana of global standards.


By exploring classical principles of Vajikarana under the light of advanced reproductive technologies and diagnostics, and by adopting standard operative procedures developing centre of excellence in Vajikarana.


To achieve the best possible outcome for every couple that seeks our help through science, skill and experience in order to have healthy progeny.

To facilitate high quality service and medical care for patients in a friendly environment


  • To develop standard treatment protocols for the problems concerned to Vajikarana.
  • To facilitate practice of evidence based Vajikarana medicines.
  • To conduct awareness programs to educate the public regarding reproductive and sexual health
  • To implement advanced technology in practice of Vajikarana
  • To validate Retopareeksha
  • To establish pharmotherapeutics of Vajikarana drugs


  • Public orientation programs
  • Free health checkup camps
  • Reproductive health awareness talk
  • Sex education
  • Counseling sessions

Care and Support:

We treat patients with respect, care & understanding also our patient-centred approach is supported by counseling and ethical expertise.


  • Individual and couple counseling
  • Premarital counseling
  • Sex education
  • Measures to have healthy baby
  • Pre conceptional care

Andrology Services:

  • Semen analysis( Retopareeksha)
  • PCT (Post coital test)
  • Cervical mucus study
  • Blood test for hormone estimation
  • USG