Kayachikitsa is the one of the eight branches of Ayurveda which deals with the multi systemic illness of the adults.  It deals with therapeutic approach to the disease either through Shodhana (purification), Shamana (pacification) and Satwawajaya (Counseling). These applications are done through medications, behavioural, psychological & life style management. Pharmacological intervention is through various forms of medicines like vati (tablets), kashaya (decoctions), churna (powders), bhasma, asava, arista, ghruta, guggulus etc. Strength of the system is providing efficient, cost effective, personalized medicine with high safety margins. Department of Kayachikitsa for Undergraduate was individualised in 1963, since then the department is growing and working for the upliftment of Kayachikitsa, the first speciality of Ayurveda which successfully flourished inspite of various adversaries for centuries.



To be a centre of global excellence in the field of Kayachikitsa education by assured quality educational programmes to build skillful, competent, self reliant global citizens towards the health needs of the society



The Department of Kayachikitsa intends at bringing about confluence in achieving academic excellence through extending the frontiers of knowledge, integrative teaching, empowering skills, hands on training and promoting scientific temper for researches and keeping up breast with current developments of the science.




  • To make existing programs more career oriented and to the needs of the society through effective system of review and redesigning of curriculum
  • To implement effectively programs through innovations in teaching, learning and evaluation.
  • To recognize the need of lifelong learning, to stay abreast of relevant scientific advances.
  • To develop the communication skills.
  • To develop ability of applying evidence based principles of medicine. And ability to practice the principles of primary health care.
  • To help the learner to use the knowledge for clinical application in day to day practice.


Department Human Resources, Infrastructure, Research Domains and any outsourcing or peripheral communications/activities 

Department is well established with a class apart Teaching faculty and equipped laboratory for infusing knowledge to students. Post-graduation in Kayachikitsa was started in the Year 2010 with 3 Post Graduation intakes per year and upgraded to 6 seats in 2015. Post graduation in department of Rasayana & Vajikarana, an affiliate of Kayachikitsa was started in 2015 with an intake capacity of 6 scholars. Department also offers Post Graduate Certificate Course in Vajikarana.

Department works on domains of critical understanding and management of various diseases and has come up with innovative practices like specialty clinics as per the need of the society like Infertility, Psychiatry, Respiratory, Cancer, Diabetes mellitus.

Department also engages itself to different postings of its PG scholars to eminent hospitals and teaching centres like  KLEU J N Medical College & Hospital, Sushruta Hospital Puttur etc. Students are taught with various standards like GCP (Good Clinical Practices), NABH Standards.  Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for various therapies are in place. Critical understanding of the manifestation, pathogenesis, investigations and management are imparted to students not only with core understandings of Ayurveda but also with inputs from recent advances. Students are encouraged to execute best practices of Ayurveda like holistic, integrative and customized approaches. Unique practices of Ayurveda like Panchakarma, Rasayana, Vajikarana and Satwawjaya are specially emphasized.



Dr Suhaskumar Shetty



Dr. Kashavva.V. Hiremath

Dr.Suketa Kumari

Dr .Swarda Uppin 

 Assistant Professor

Dr Aswini Ramchandran

 Assistant Professor

Dr Rohan Mohandas

Assistant Professor

Dr Hemalatha K

Assistant Professor

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