Agada Tantra is a branch of Ayurveda which deals with identification, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various Visha conditions (Animate, Inanimate, Subclinical, Residual and Cumulative toxicological presentation). Department of Agada Tantra for Undergraduate was individualized in 1963. Since then the department is growing and working for the upliftment of Agada Tantra.

To uplift the glory of Ayurveda Vishachikithsa by Exploring the classical and traditional knowledge on scientific grounds.


Explore the VishaChikithsa by adapting and using Current Scientific Technologies with collaboration to Centre 's of Excellence and Traditional Practitioner 's.

Objectives :

To scientifically validate the Antidoatal effects of Agada 's, for Garavisha (artificial Poisons) and Dooshivisha (Low potent poisons)

To survey the traditional Practices of Visha Chikithsa.

To Establish the art of treatment of Skin Diseases Through fundamentals principles of AgadaTantra.

To Establish the Ayurveda Environmental Toxicology on Scientific grounds.

Department is well established with a class apart Teaching faculty and equipped laboratory for infusing knowledge to students. Post-graduation in Agada Tantra was started in the Year 2010 with 6 Post Graduation intakes per year.

Department works in domains like organ toxicities caused by routine food and medicines, Teratogenecity,   Antidotal activity, Environmental toxicity, residual and cumulative toxicity etc.

Department has come up with innovative practices like adulteration tests, weekly presentation of Medico-legal cases and many other which are required for present scenario where even consuming food & water is not considered safe.

Department also engages itself to different visits to Snake Park, Forensic Science Laboratories, State Pollution Control Board, Court visits, Industries, Folklore Practitioners, Surveys, Food Adulteration Testing Centres and many more. These visits help the students to update and understand the importance of Agada Tantra in relevance to modern health and lifestyle. With this knowledge the Students are encouraged for practice of Agada Tantra with concepts of Garavisha, Dooshivisha and able create awareness of increasing trends of chemical bio magnification in food chain and ecosystem


                                                       DR.R.R.HIREMATH (Medium)  dr_mahesh  dr_mahadev
           Dr. Rudramma R. Hiremath                                        Professor

Dr.Mahesh.P. Savalagimath

Dr.Mahadev.B. Gundakalle


Dr. Santosh Patil
Assistant Professor

 Dr. Shrutika S. Karoshi
Assistant Professor

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