Central research facility


crf logoResearch explores the unexplored, explains the unexplained and provides scientific base. Methodical research is essential to bring Ayurveda to global acceptance and to put forth the principles of Ayurveda on the lines of evidence based practices. Ayurveda being the first codified medical system and in practice since ages, due to paucity in passing of knowledge to the present generation, there is an ambiguity in understanding which led to diversified practices. Through several hundreds of research activities have been carried out in the form of PG/PhD Dissertation/Thesis and other research activities hardly there is any change in the Ayurveda practices except modifications in dosage forms. Hence there is a need to conduct translational research in Ayurveda.

Research is a team work and the research carried out in collaboration with allied sciences may be translational. Ayurveda is one science which is isolated from collaboration may be because it is written in Sanskrit and build upon unique fundamentals like Panchamahabuta, tridosha etc. if we create researchers with expertise in one science and having understood the philosophy of allied sciences we may able to conduct translational research.

Further, creation of centralized facilities minimizes duplication of advanced equipments/ instruments and also enhances interdepartmental utilization of facilities. With this back ground a Central Research Laboratory (CRL) was started by pooling the instruments available in various departments. The CRL was inaugurated on 8th February 2009 by Dr. G.S.Lavekar, Director General of CCRAS. Initially, facility for preliminary phytochemistry was available, later on extended to analytical techniques,pharmacognosy etc. On 21st October 2010, His Excellency Dr.D.Y.Patil, Governor, Tripura state inaugurated 'Animal Experimentation Laboratory' which was added to CRL.In order to regulate research activities,Institutional animal ethicsCommittee&Institutional Human Ethics Committee were constituted. Later on Microbiology unit also annexed to CRL. Slowly publication activities are escalated through CRL. On 19-09-2011, CRL was approved asASU drug testing laboratory by Drug licensing authority, Dept of AYUSH,Govt of Karnataka. Taking into account the diversified research activities and to provide wide scope, the name of CRL changed to CENTRAL RESEARCH FACILITY (CRF).With the theme 'EXPLORE AYURVEDA' the logo of CRF wasofficiallyreleasedon 13-10-2013.

Presently CRF is extending research facilities with its five sub units: Analytical Laboratory, Medical Research Centre, Animal Experimentation Laboratory, Microbiology Unit, Scientific Publication & Documentation unit. All the research activities are screened/approved/regulated/monitored by following research committees:

  • Institutional Research Committee-Pre&Para Clinical Subjects
  • Institutional Research Committee- Clinical Subjects
  • Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (Constituted as per CPCSEA guidelines)
  • Institutional Ethics Committee for Human Subjects (Constituted as per ICMR guide lines)


To establish Center of Excellence for research studies in Ayurveda at global standards


To provide hi-end research infrastructure and to train Ayurveda professionals as per Standard Operating Procedures to enable them to explore and validate Ayurveda principles


  • Exploring principles of Ayurveda
  • Validating traditional/Folklore health care practices
  • New drug discovery as per present day needs
  • Systematic Preclinical and clinical research on new/marketed products
  • Training Ayurveda professionals for standard research procedures


  • Drug Testing laboratory for ASU drugs Dept. of AYUSH
  • Peripheral Pharmacovigilance Center NPVC, Jamnagar
  • Animal Experimentation Laboratory CPCSEA
  • Institutional Animal Ethics committee CPCSEA