This unit mainly deals with the treatment of an individual with the help of physical exercises and with the specialised physiotherapy equipment’s. The unit adds on the quality of treatment by combination of Ayurvedic treatment and physiotherapy.

A fully equipped physiotherapy unit with expertise consultation and special care is being provided during therapy.

It mainly includes treatments for different type of conditions like Orthopaedic, Paediatrics, Neurological, Gynaecological etc. Facilities like electrotherapy, exercise therapy and manual therapy are available for the better prognosis of the patients.

TENS: TENS is a form of transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation through the skin, which is used to obtain electroanalgesia i.e. relief of pain with the help of electric stimulation.

IFT: It is the production of low frequency current in the body tissue by the simultaneous application of two different medium frequency currents.

US: Ultrasound is a method of stimulating the tissues beneath the skin surface using very high frequency sound waves, between 0.5 to 5MHz, which can not be heard by humans.

Traction: Traction is the application of a longitudinal force to the spine & associated structures. It can be applied with continuous and intermittent tension.

SWD: Short Wave Diathermy is most commonly used physiotherapeutic modality for deep heating. The meaning of diathermy is heat given through an object and not confined to that object. For Short Wave Diathermy, high frequency current with a frequency of 27.12MHz and 11meters wavelength is used.

IRR: Infra red rays are electromagnetic waves with wavelength of 750 to 4,00000nm.Infra red rays are also called as thermiogenic rays since these rays produce heat when they are absorbed by the body tissue so they are included under Phototherapy.

UVR: Ultra violet rays are invisible rays with wavelength between 10 to 400nm. Although UV rays are emitted by sun, but for physiotherapeutic treatment purpose UV generators produce them.

HMP: Hot moist pack is one of the superficial heating agent used for thermotherapy. In this therapy the hot water is used in different manners like towels soaked in hot water, hot water bottles and hot water vapors etc.

Cryotherapy: Therapeutic use of local cold application for the treatment of various diseases and disorders is known as Cryotherapy.