Pallava Vivechana 

Oral Papers and Poster Presentations

Registered Participants will have an opportunity to present their clinical experience, observation, compilation, literary reviews etc in the form of ORAL/POSTER presentations. The best papers will be rewarded. 

Domains:  Dinacharaya and Rutucharya in children; Nutrition; Immunology; Developmental, Neurological and Psychological disorder; Dermatology; Respiratory medicine; Mother and child health care; Advances in understanding of maternal health; Stanya dushti, Pareeksha and chikitsa; Graharogas; Ekamoolika prayoga; Bala rasayana; Samsakar; Highlights of Kashyapa samhita; Treatment protocols in Balaroga; Treatment protocols in Prasooti Tantra and Stree-Roga; Panchakarma in children; Rasaushadhis in children; Preventive Pediatric; Pediatric surgery.