“KLE Ayurworld” has ever been involved in propagating &Nurturing right Ayurveda with its unique slogan of “Blending Tradition with technology &evolving Innovations”. To continue its saga of success in organising meaningful conferences, this time its Child health care on the Board.

Kaumarabhritya  (Ayurveda Pediatrics) is one of the most dominant branches among Astanga Ayurveda. There has been an exponential growth, demand &acceptance in the society about Ayurveda Paediatrics.

Society has strongly recognised and accepted Kaumarabhritya practice in developmental disorders, respiratory disorders etc. The practices like Suvarna Prashana have started pulling many children to the Ayurveda health centres. Many of these Kids also continue to seek health care in these centres.

It is observed that there is a quite a lag between the demanded clinical skills and executed skills .One of the reason for this being, lack of training and exposure in the subject &specialty. There is a great scope for a well-trained and educated scholar in the society to provide Ayurvedic child health care. With this idea to train &to globalise Ayurveda Pediatrics , Pallava-2019 has been organized

Dept of PG Studies in Kaumarabhritya of KAHER’s ,KLE Ayurveda hospital ,Belgavi is the first to start Suvarna Prashana practice in large scale in India & has moved forward to set up many specialty pediatric practices like Samvardhana for special children ,Pediatric Respiratory clinic ,Pediatric Dermatology clinic ,Pallava Paediatric Panchakarma corner etc