Pallava 2019

About the Conference:

A bunch full of intellectuals around the world addressing and enlightening the conclave with their pediatric clinical experience for two full days in 9 different domains of child health care as below

  1. Pediatric Neurology
  2. Respiratory medicine
  3. Pediatric nutrition
  4. Genetics
  5. Contemporary Paediatrics
  6. Immunity
  7. Panchakarma
  8. Treatment protocols
  9. Scope, research, and opportunities


About Preconference workshop: Pallava Sparsha

Skin problems in children are on a raise and need special attention and care. To master the skill of approaching, diagnosing and treating children with skin problems this workshop has been organized along with the keraliya Ayurveda chikitsa paddahti.


  • Registration Details
  • Pre-conference workshop – 1,000 /
  • Conference –
 AMOUNT BEFORE September AFTER September
  STAFF 4000 / 4500/
 UNDER  GRADUATE 3000/ 3500/
POST GRADUATE 3500/ 4000/


  • Inclusive of food and dormitory type of accommodation
  • Other delegates who need special accommodation will have to arrange by own or help will be available Contact – Dr. V.S.Wasedar mobile: 8494946898


Online Registration form : Click  Here