National Workshop on HOSPREC

(Health and Medical Records National Conference)

“Quality medical documents are the brain of the Hospital” Dr. S.C. Dharwad

KLE University’s Shri B.M.Kankanawadi Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya had organized National Workshop on Hospital Records (HOSPREC-2017) (i.e., Health and Medical Records) on 15.09.2017 and 16.09.2017.  Inauguration of the function was carried out with lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest Dr. S.C. Dharwad, Director KLES Charitable Hospital & MRC Yellur, Principal Dr. B.S. Prasad, Shri. Keshavarao T. Organizing Secretary, Ashok Khadbadi, President of the Conference. Dr. S.C. Dharwad addressing the delegates said that quality medical documents are the brain of the hospital. So, at most efforts and care should be taken.

Heatlh & Medical Records screening, quality assessment, documentation of records by doctors and nursing staff were the key / prime factors covered in the conference.

Dr. Shivakumar, Dr. Vinuta, Dr. Gajendra, Shri. Keshavarao, Dr. G.S. Bellankkinmath, Shri. Ashok Khadbadi, Bharati Ullagaddi, Dr. Mahesh S., Dr. Pradeep S., Shri. Eben Jeyaroy, Dr. Rajashekhar J., were the resource persons.

Function was coordinated by Dr. Gajendra T. vote of thanks delievered by Col. Ishwar Hurdkadli, Vice-Principal, Dr. P.G. Jadar, were also present on the this occasion.