Bmk history


Late Shri B M Kankanawadi during his service in Police Department had to go through an unfortunate episode of ill health of his wife. She had been consulted to a lot of Physicians for her survival and all gigantic efforts were futile. While amidst that, a Vaidya was consulted as a hope of Life, But the Vaidya predicted the pulse and said that the Mrs Kankanawadi would die on particular day and at certain time to Kankanwadi. As aforesaid by Vaidya Mrs Kankanawadi collapsed on predicted day. Though the kankanawadi was devastated by her death, was able to see this science of life as exquisite Knowledge to society.

Untimely death of Mrs Kankanawadi was inconceivable and turned to be a Beacon for then Karnataka Ayurveda Vidyapeeth Society 's Ayurveda College, Hospital and Pharmacy which is now known as KLEU 's Shri B M K Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, PG studies and Research centre. This Inspiration and vision of Shri Kankanawadi was a silver lining for Ayurveda which was on the trail of extinction. Robust determination of sir made to establish Karnataka Ayurveda Vidyapeeth with the objective of revitalizing the Ayurveda science, its utilization by Society, awareness of health importance and entrepreneurship in Ayurveda for youths.